Who am I?

Hi! I’m Ian and I’ve been drawing funny crazy characters since I was a kid and have never stopped. Before I knew what an illustrator was I wanted the job drawing the characters from the Saturday morning cartoons and Disney movies I watched and the comics I read. It was much later on that I discovered illustration was a thing and since that day I have never looked back, going on to get a degree in illustration from the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside (Now the University of Lincoln) and becoming a freelance illustrator in 2006. I now live and work in the fair and magical land on Nottingham.

My illustrations are a combination of hand drawn and digital elements. The inspiration for my work comes from the books, comics, cartoons, and movies I consumed from childhood through to adulthood. These include Terry Pratchett, Quentin Blake, Brian Froud, Monty Python Red Dwarf and Tolkien.

What is illustration and how can it help me?

Illustration is the art of explaining things visually. If you have a concept, an idea, a story or just want to convey information in an easy to understand and engaging manner then illustration is something you should consider. Get in touch!

Why should I use illustration and not photography or stock art?

A commissioned illustration is original. It’s catered specifically to a project and as such will stand on its own unlike mass produced stock art which is used over and over.

Illustration has no limits. If you want an image of a guy holding a dinosaur over his head one handed while fighting a band of ninja’s with the other hand then you need an illustrator. It’ll be hard to get a photo of that!

In my opinion illustration is just more fun and engaging than photography or stock art. I realise I am biased but there’s such a variety of illustrators out there all with their own unique visual signature.

Who have you worked for?

Clients include: Youth Sport Trust, Soreen, Bupa, England Lacrosse, YMCA, Haymarket Media, Future Publishing, Imagine Publishing, TES Global, DRF, and Classic FM to name a few.


Chris Barber / (Formerly) Designer at Times Higher Education

“Ian has a fantastic eye for detail as well as creating strong and powerful illustrations. His conceptual thinking and creativity in executing illustrations for powerful opinion subjects is rewarding and always receives positive feedback from our authors. Working on a weekly publication has its tight deadlines and quick turnarounds, something Ian is very professional about and has superb time management skills in taking a rough sketch through to final artwork! He is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to many more years in using his skills to bring our publication to life.”

Laura Smith/ (Formerly) Project Officer at Youth Sport Trust

“Ian is a fantastic illustrator. We had very specific requirements and not only did he meet these demands, he improved them tenfold. Ian is punctual and creative at a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend his services.”

Neil Creasey / Director at DRF rubber flooring Ltd

“Ian has run a series of animated campaigns for DRF. He is a delight to work with, understands a client’s needs and vision and produces fast, high quality results.”

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